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Evening at BURNS WARD NO .25

Evening at BURNS WARD NO .25
         6.45 PM it was Saturday evening, I was at Sassoon Hospital, Pune to visit burning patients with Mr. Tushar Parikh and his wife, it was my first time when I was going to meet Mr. Parikh sir. That day session in the morning at Dastur Boys school Jyotsna Bahirat told me few things about his posture and behavior with patients scolding the relatives and patients to take precautions while cooking or doing some work with flammable things, sometimes he also helps financial crisis of patient and encourage them saying, ‘Let it be what happen?, don’t think about it more, see forward the whole life is waiting for you stretching both hands and try to overcome from it’, and makes them smile.
            After reaching near to burning ward, I observed the floor and entrance was full of dust and dirt, Sassoon Hospital the 25 bed burns ward has become a nuisance for the relatives of patients admitted to ward. Entering in the ward I saw Parikh sir was talking to a 9 year old boy telling him to spray of hydroperaoxide solution on burned injury but he was refusing him saying it hurts lot, he was suffered burns on his little right side face, right hand, on back and some place on chest, offering him chocolates by sir he got ready to spread solution on his whole body for making cleaning of his injuries. I was standing beside to Parikh sir it was really nice to see him taking care of that child, telling his father to give him his favorite Idli vada dish for dinner. After we proceed to next bed no. 13, 40 year old lady name Rathode seating on bed her son was feeding her daal rice with spoon, her face, shoulder and chest was badly burned, even she was not able to open her eyes and mouth a inch, and head was covered with bandages, Parikh sir discussed with her son how incident occur and all that? Parikh sir scolded him, ‘If you have taken care of her like this before burning this accident won’t happen? ‘, prescribing some kind of medicine and exercise to do regularly, we proceed to next bed no. 7 Reshma 23 year old young lady lied on bed victim by her husband, her face was full burned might be chest also, as I have not seen her because she was covered with bedsit and she was under spherical rod hollow structure part, Parikh sir asked her about her health, while her mother was blowing warm air with blower so that she would feel better, but she was continuously saying to sir that ‘I want to quit my life I can’t bear this lots of pain…’, Parikh sir got angry on her sentence and asked her to see her mother’s face what she will feel inside after seeing saying you those words, she expecting lot of things from you, and you are saying such things, sir gives his best to tried her to motivate by showing her video clip from his mobile of same critical case of patient on same bed no. 7, asked her to see how they live their life even in bad condition by singing songs and forgetting all the pains. I was standing few steps away from that bed with little tears in my eyes seeing her mother stroking her head saying to remain calm, within few minutes sir diverted her mind and given the reason to live a happy life and taken vow from her not to say or do something which will hurt your MOM again.
            It was around 9.30PM we visited all of the patients and about to leave the ward, when there a emergency case arrives. A 14 year 7th Std school girl was 80% burned badly injured because of busting of burner, incident happen when she was cooking on burner alone in the home, her mother was out, she was working as a servant somewhere in others house washing clothes and dishes was her daily work her Father was passed away last 4 year ago. Police constable was taking her mother and herself witness, she signed paper with her injured red hot hand. While sir was discussing with Police I got near to that girl, seeing in her condition my eyes started watering, her mother was continuously crying and that little girl was telling her mother not to cry, ‘Aai mala kahi nahi honar tu radu nakoas, tu ahes na majhaya sobat…!’, I suggest her MOM not to cry at least infront of her otherwise she will lose hope. Her brother and uncle was also there standing beside her Mother. Sir called her brother and Uncle to discuss something; I went with them to notify what his going to tell them.
            After listening the word said by Parikh sir, I was shocked my body shivered, Parikh sir said us that she would live only hardly 24 hours or less than 48 hours, very soon her liver will damage because of infections or slightly heart attack will hit her, suddenly infront of my eyes her mother started flashing standing with full of tears and her daughter’s sentence stroked me, ‘Aai mala kahi nahi honar tu radu nakoas, tu ahes na majhaya sobat, majhaya javal thamab majhaya dokh varun hatth firav….!’, this time I lose my control from my eyes and tears dropped our down from my cheek. That was really bad moments for her MOM Guardian from what they are suffering. I went to corridor as I was not able to bear that situation.
            Discussing all things with her brother and told him to take care of her and give her lots of love and make her happy as more as possible.
            Firstly I saw someone’s arriving death from very near, then after visiting all patients we were about leave, standing few moments in portal, I asked Parikh sir some questions and got satisfactory answer and what we can do to prevent such accidents. Lastly saying bye and greeting each other we leaved Sassoon hospital.
            With Mr. Tushar Parikh I learned lot that day and experienced lot like how to take precaution and treatment on burning injuries.

                        Most accidental burns occur in kitchen. Fortunately, many of these burns can be prevented.
·        Stay in the kitchen while food is cooking.
·        Turn pot handles toward the back or center of the stave.
·        Keep items such as dish towels, plastic bags, and long sleeves away from the heating surface.
·        Never cook while holding a child or pet.
·        Keep small children and pets away from the front of the oven or stove.

First Aid for Kitchen Burns:
·        Run cool water over the burned area, soak it in cool water (not ice water), or cover it with a clean, cold, wet towel.
·        Cover the burn with a sterile bandage or a clean cloth.
·        Protect the burn from pressure and friction.
·        Use over-the –counter medications such as ibuprofen or acetaminophen for pain.
·        If a burn appears to be severe or you develop signs of infection, call your doctor.

               Life is an Ice cream enjoy before it melts.
              Life which we live, it is too short. So we should remain happy and spread LOVE to everyone and make a habit to keep always smile even in bad moments.

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